8 reasons why you need to meet and date biker women?

If you love motorcycle riding lifestyle, you can try go date a biker woman on Harleydatingsite.net
If you love motorcycle riding lifestyle, you can try go date a biker woman on Harleydatingsite.net

Have you ever thought that why many guys love dating with a biker woman who rides motorcycle? Here are several reasons that will explain that phenomenon.

1. You won’t deal with heavy luggage. You can imagine that if you date with a biker woman, you will travel light. For instance, you won’t bring too many extra things except for the main necessities.

2. You will have a cheap date. If you establish a serious relationship with a woman who rides motorcycles, you don’t have to take her for a sumptuous dinner with high priced wine or drinks. Just take her for a romantic and special dinner even if it is very simple, she will also be happy.

3. Almost all biker girls love to be close to nature. In general, motorcycle women are mature, optimistic, cheerful, generous, and have a kind heart and feelings. And they care about their family. It is because they often ride their motorcycle out to be on intimate terms with nature.

4. Biker ladies are tough. In fact that biker women will be going to fall down and go boom at some times, but they won’t cry and will never give up riding motorcycles.

5. Motorcycle babes are energetic and courageous. If you want to hook up with a beautiful local biker babe, don’t answer “no” whenever she asks you. Just follow her decisions. So if you date with a biker babe successfully, I believe your friends will be jealous of you.

6. Biker girls can deal with the crazy ex-girlfriends and ex-wives. If you have crazy ex-girlfriends or ex-wives, you needn’t to worry about them. Because your biker girl is able to give them a reason to fear her.

7. Motorcycle women will support your biker dreams in their way. If you establish connections with a motorcycle woman, you will get some extra surprises. For example, they will buy some motorcycle riding gear for you. So you can show it off and tell your friends that your biker girl doesn’t complain about motorcycle riding and she even supports you.

8. Your friends will be envious of you. There is no gainsaying that many men want to meet and date with a local biker woman. If you get in touch with a beautiful biker girl and set up a serious relationship with her, your friends will be jealous of you. Because your girlfriend will very enjoy riding with you at the backseat position, whenever and wherever.

Dating with a Harley woman will bring you double fun and double pleasure. So are you looking forward to hook up with a sexy local biker lady to spend weekends and holidays after reading these reasons?

Keep Good Looks on Motorcycle for Biker Women

How to keep good look after the motorcycle ride
How to keep good look after the motorcycle ride

A report from the No. 1 biker dating site Harleydatingsite.net shows there is a rapidly increasing number of female motorcycle riders getting on motorcycles, no matter they are sitting in the front to control the bike or sitting on the back of their biker date. But once the motorcycle start to ride, biker women will notice that it is a little bit hard to keep good look. The heavy wind and the protective gear will make the hairstyle and the makeup difficult to keep for women riders. Here are some tips on hairstyle and makeup for them to get to normal looks after getting off from the motorcycle.

With the heavy wind and the helmet, it is impossible for single biker women to keep their hair perfect after the riding. They always end riding with a messy hair. But hairstyle is actually the most important thing when it comes to the physical appearance of women. So, it is always essential to have it control with these ways below. Biker ladies can prepare a small comb, which is very handy and doesn’t take much space. Although it is not as effective as a hair brush, but it still can make the hair to be smooth no matter the hair is curly or straight. A ponytail can be another better choice to employ, just with proper hair gel or spray that can help accomplish that look. Besides, they can also use a bandana to prevent the hair becoming a mess, also with some hair spray. For female motorcycle riders with shorter hair, a little spray can keep your hair behave even have the helmet on.

The Makeup
Make up for a biker women is also important, especially if they are going to date a bike man after the ride or attend an important meeting. The makeup is easy to be smeared by the helmet when putting on and taking off. The makeup product that can ensure your makeup stays on you for a longer time is something that biker babes should prepare. There are products called primers available for women to use before applying eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner, which will ensure everything that you put on your face stays on your face even after a ride. However, such products needs to be removed before you go to bed and it takes long time to get it done.

Take the tips and methods before you start to ride will absolutely make biker woman to look well after their ride.

BikerNext.net Review

BikerNext.net is no doubt one of the best biker dating site online. It has been online for over 15 years and has been doing its best to offer better biker dating service for single motorcycle riders around the world for a long time. After the past 15 years of development and improvement, BikerNext.net has gathered more than 500,000 bikers who are eager to find like-minded friends and the soul mate to join the site.

The site is designed by bikers for bikers. So it not only provides the most friendly and advanced dating services to biker members, but also tries its best to offer the most professional dating features that are tailored-made for motorcycle rider. Here we will not talk about those common features that are applied by other dating sites. Instead, we will focus on the biker-customized features that only BikerNext.net has.

1. Certified Biker
This feature is designed for singles to find the real motorcycle riders on the site. Members need to send their motorcycle driving license to the site customer manager if they want to be a certified biker on the site. Once the manager checked the attached picture on the driving license with the profile picture of the biker, a certified logo will be added to the profile. If you are a single woman wanting to find a backseat for dating, then this feature will do you a great favor. And real biker man can get more chances to meet singles who really love motorcycle.

2. Looking for a passenger or Backseat
For those who own a motorcycle, they want to find a passenger to ride with, while for those who don’t have a motorcycle but love biker lifestyle, they may want to find a backseat to occupy on biker dating site. That’s why the feature of Looking for A Passenger or Backseat is added to the site to help those singles to be more specific about what they are looking for.

3. Motorcycle Garage Gallery
What types of your bike and what your bike looks like are the most important thing to decide if other riders want to date you. Someone wants to date a biker who rides the same bike type with them, while someone wants to date a biker who rides another different type of bike from them. Motorcycle Garage Gallery on www.BikerNext.net is there for all members to show others the motorcycle they are riding and the riding styles of them.

4. Biker Tattoos
For real bikers, they know tattoo culture is an impartible part for biker lifestyle. And most of Harley rider have at least one unique tattoo on their body. Here on the site, members got a special section to show their tattoo photos to other members along with their dating profile, which is very considerate.