Gay Biker

When it comes to online dating, gay bikers should know that their profile is the very first thing to decide if other singles will contact you. So, unless you want to take the risk of being ignored and rejected by the biker man who may be your perfect match, you should not mention the things listed below in your profile when doing gay biker dating online.

1. The word of “clean”
The word“clean” means being HIV negative, but an improper word to describe that. If you mention that gay bikers who are HIV positive are “unclean”, it will probably upset some gay biker singles who are reading your profile and they may regard you as an ungracious fool. There are other ways without using the word “clean”to make it clear that you don’t want to date someone who has HIV.

2. A disguised photo
When doing online dating, everyone wants to see a face photo in the profile, which is understandable and reasonable. However, there are gay motorcycle riders don’t want to reveal themselves to strangers on the gay biker dating site. So, they try to post photos that are heavily-disguised, like wearing a hat or a sunglasses. This way will only help other gay men to ignore your profile easily. If you don’t want to, then don’t post one and send one in the first private message. Or you will get less chance to meet your ideal match. A photo including you and your motorcycle will be the perfect one in your dating profile.

3. Some specific group of people
It is never the right way to limit your type in your profile. Maybe you have your own preference and don’t want to meet gay biker men who don’t fit your type. But this way actually stops you meeting your ideal biker man. Just try to be open on dating site and attract many motorcycle riders to you first.

4. Your age with a few years minus
There should be lies in your profile, including ages. If you afraid that your age will scares some gay bikers away, then don’t mention it in your profile instead lying about it. You can’t predict that your perfect biker gay date just has a thing for older men. And after you have a serious relationship with a men that you both love each other, it is another difficulty to reveal the fact that you lied previously.