How to tell if your biker guy or biker girl likes you

It is totally normal to have a crush on a biker man or a biker woman. But more importantly, how can you tell if the feelings are mutual? That biker guy or biker girl who has checked you out in a motorcycle rally was really cute. But was he or she doing that out of pure curiosity or the mysterious person is just like you, who is attracted to each other?, one of the most popular online biker dating website for male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders, has come up with a few most common ways to figure out your deep confusion.

Body language always reveals the deepest secret of one person. A group of dating experts on free Harley dating sites have come up with a theory in which 23 different ways of standard body language are laid out, which can certainly help you to determine whatever your ideal biker dude or biker babe was thinking about when that nose rubbing was given away.

Here are some of the most common body language you can run into on a daily basis.
Your motorcycle man or motorcycle women might not be looking at you directly. One of the most effective way to tell whether they are interested in you is to check out the direction of their shoes, nose, or forehead.

If your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girl become more self conscious by grooming himself constantly, he or she is probably having a secret crush just like you do!

It is commonly know that a Harley guy or Harley girl who is interested in you will look at you a lot. Whether they are making eye contact or not, they will definitely check you out. In order to test whether the other part is attracted or not, the key is to look at him or her more often than you want to. According to a survey conducted on the largest online biker dating site, 4 seconds is the most ideal temps to look at your man biker or women biker. Not only because it is not too long to make your biker babe uncomfortable, but also because it is not so short that you won’t be able to catch him or her looking back. Once your eyes met each other, it is when you will tell if the tension is there or not.

Listen to what he or she says can do you a great favor too. Because believe it or not, in most of the cases, it is actually pretty easy to tell if someone likes you or not when talking. It is not about what your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude is going to say, but how he or she says it.

Last but not least, listen to what your heart says. It actually doesn’t matter if a guy or girl like you, what matter is that whether you want your motorcycle babe to like you. Hope the tips could help the single Harley riders who are seeking love.