Single Biker Dating Review
Single Biker Dating is no doubt one of the best biker dating site online. It has been online for over 15 years and has been doing its best to offer better biker dating service for single motorcycle riders around the world for a long time. After the past 15 years of development and improvement, has gathered more than 500,000 bikers who are eager to find like-minded friends and the soul mate to join the site.

The site is designed by bikers for bikers. So it not only provides the most friendly and advanced dating services to biker members, but also tries its best to offer the most professional dating features that are tailored-made for motorcycle rider. Here we will not talk about those common features that are applied by other dating sites. Instead, we will focus on the biker-customized features that only has.

1. Certified Biker
This feature is designed for singles to find the real motorcycle riders on the site. Members need to send their motorcycle driving license to the site customer manager if they want to be a certified biker on the site. Once the manager checked the attached picture on the driving license with the profile picture of the biker, a certified logo will be added to the profile. If you are a single woman wanting to find a backseat for dating, then this feature will do you a great favor. And real biker man can get more chances to meet singles who really love motorcycle.

2. Looking for a passenger or Backseat
For those who own a motorcycle, they want to find a passenger to ride with, while for those who don’t have a motorcycle but love biker lifestyle, they may want to find a backseat to occupy on biker dating site. That’s why the feature of Looking for A Passenger or Backseat is added to the site to help those singles to be more specific about what they are looking for.

3. Motorcycle Garage Gallery
What types of your bike and what your bike looks like are the most important thing to decide if other riders want to date you. Someone wants to date a biker who rides the same bike type with them, while someone wants to date a biker who rides another different type of bike from them. Motorcycle Garage Gallery on is there for all members to show others the motorcycle they are riding and the riding styles of them.

4. Biker Tattoos
For real bikers, they know tattoo culture is an impartible part for biker lifestyle. And most of Harley rider have at least one unique tattoo on their body. Here on the site, members got a special section to show their tattoo photos to other members along with their dating profile, which is very considerate.

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Motorcycle Wave At the Right Situation

Motorcycle Wave at the Right Time
Motorcycle Wave at the Right Time

Motorcycle wave is one of the coolest things about being a rider. It is the best way to show your respect and solidarity with other single bikers who are just like you, even if you don’t know them. But it is also dangerous to wave your hands in some cases. No one would like to see you wrecking your bike just because you try to wave. Next, I will list a handful of times that motorcycle riders should not wave.

1. The time when you are using your control or may have to use
It is common sense not to wave when there is even a possibility that you are using or might have to use your controls. Don’t try to take your hands off the controls when you are downshifting into a corner or clutching through a low-speed maneuver or any situation when you’ll need your hand on the clutch lever. Your safety is the priority when you are riding. So, don’t worry about if the rider will be offended just because you don’t wave.

2. When you are riding hard on the road
When you are riding hard on a sandy road or a gravel road, there is no need to wave at other riders who are also riding on such a bad road. Every biker will understand that. And if other riders wave at you, unless you are one hundred percent safe, then you should not wave back for the sake of your safety.

3. When you are riding to work with heavy traffic on the road
It is OK to wave at other riders when you are riding out for a trip on a nice, clear and straight road. Your wave is a way to share the great experience with other single motorcycle riders. But when you are riding to work in the morning and are busy to avoid traffic, you’d better focus on riding, not waving at bikers. It is meaningless.

4. When you are at intersections
When you are waiting for the light at intersections, if you have your clutch pulled in with your hand, then you can wave at other riders with your throttle hand or just nod your head. If you have your bike stopped, then you can wave however you want. But you should focus on the changing lights and all the cars around you.

Steps to Meet Your Dream Biker Woman Online

Meet your dream biker woman online
Meet your dream biker woman on biker dating site.

Online dating becomes so common among single biker men and biker women those days. It is the most popular and high-tech single clubs where full of kinds of singles who share the same passion for motorcycling. However, due to it is free to join, it gets a bad reputation for being dishonest. Nothing is easy nowadays and it is not as hard as it seems to find a perfect date online as long as you make up your mind. Take a look at these best tips for meeting the ideal biker woman online.

1. Be flexible
Don’t stick to one specific type of Harley girl when online dating. Or you are missing one of the most important advantages of online dating – there are more options for singles to take. Try to send a message to the one whose profile or picture catch your attention. Even if she doesn’t have any of the qualities you are looking for, you may find some other greater and valuable ones.

2. Spend time on your profile
Your profile and photos are the first thing other single biker ladies get to know you. So, try to spend more time on your profile, not just send messages or emails randomly and constantly. Elaborate your profile information and let your personality shine through. Show your good side as much as possible, but don’t overdo it. Besides, check the spell and grammar mistakes before affirming it.

3. Be honest
Make sure that what you’re putting in your profile are true, which can show the real you to other biker chicks. There is no need to create a profile that doesn’t reflect yourself. Imagine how angry and disappointed you will be when you find someone that you are dating is nothing like that she describes in her profile. And be honest with what you are looking for.

4. Be active
Signing up a dating site for single biker and creating a great profile doesn’t mean that you can just sit there waiting for your dream biker babe. You need to be active online. You can use the search feature to look for singles that you are interested, and send messages to your potential ones. What’s more, it’s bad if you don’t reply the messages that other women send you or just reject others immediately. Maybe your dream one is there.

5. Focus on one single or two once
Women can be very sensitive about whether you are single-minded or not. So, just try to contact just one or two single biker women at the same time. And when you feel it is the time to meet in person, just set a date with her, allowing her know that you are really interested in her and want to see her.