Motorcycle Wave At the Right Situation

Motorcycle Wave at the Right Time
Motorcycle Wave at the Right Time

Motorcycle wave is one of the coolest things about being a rider. It is the best way to show your respect and solidarity with other single bikers who are just like you, even if you don’t know them. But it is also dangerous to wave your hands in some cases. No one would like to see you wrecking your bike just because you try to wave. Next, I will list a handful of times that motorcycle riders should not wave.

1. The time when you are using your control or may have to use
It is common sense not to wave when there is even a possibility that you are using or might have to use your controls. Don’t try to take your hands off the controls when you are downshifting into a corner or clutching through a low-speed maneuver or any situation when you’ll need your hand on the clutch lever. Your safety is the priority when you are riding. So, don’t worry about if the rider will be offended just because you don’t wave.

2. When you are riding hard on the road
When you are riding hard on a sandy road or a gravel road, there is no need to wave at other riders who are also riding on such a bad road. Every biker will understand that. And if other riders wave at you, unless you are one hundred percent safe, then you should not wave back for the sake of your safety.

3. When you are riding to work with heavy traffic on the road
It is OK to wave at other riders when you are riding out for a trip on a nice, clear and straight road. Your wave is a way to share the great experience with other single motorcycle riders. But when you are riding to work in the morning and are busy to avoid traffic, you’d better focus on riding, not waving at bikers. It is meaningless.

4. When you are at intersections
When you are waiting for the light at intersections, if you have your clutch pulled in with your hand, then you can wave at other riders with your throttle hand or just nod your head. If you have your bike stopped, then you can wave however you want. But you should focus on the changing lights and all the cars around you.

Create good profile online to meet local bikers

Meet local biker singles on some biker dating sites online
Meet local biker singles on some biker dating sites online

Single bikers are checking out biker online dating sites more than ever searching for that like-minded riding partner or that ideal biker of life. However, with so many online dating profiles of biker singles on the dating site for motorcycle riders, how will your profile stand out? Bikers do not need to pretend to be someone else and even post a profile photo of someone else. Here are some helpful tips for single biker men and biker women to apply to their online dating profiles to attract more biker singles.

Don’t create your profile on your own. Single bikers who wish to have a profile standing out of the crowd, then they should get help in creating the online dating profile. Make a list of things that closely related to yourself and have a biker friend to edit the description. Best friends always know you better than yourself and they are objective to exclude some things that can’t highlight you.

Make it clear about your likes. For example, when you state that you like motorcycles, indicate the specific types of bikes like Harley, Honda, Ducati, sport, cruiser, touring, dirt bike or others. Don’t just say you are a single biker and in love with riding. The details of the motorcycle you are riding or you desire to ride in your online dating profile will allow more ideal biker matches to come to you.

Be honest in information in your profile. It was mentioned before, but it is necessary to say it again: pretend into someone you are not, especially for those single bikers who are serious about finding an ideal biker match. Do not lie about yourself, because you are who you are and you don’t want to meet some bikers who lie to you.

Post three or more photos on your online profile to make other biker guy or biker girls on the site trust you are a real biker man or biker woman. Remember to post photos that taken recently and can make you look great. Pictures with your motorcycle are a good choice.

Know what you are looking for in your potential biker date and put the details into your profile. For example, if you are not interested in a biker who has kids or if you don’t care about it, let others know.

Use spell check for the personal description in your profile. A complete description without and spell and grammar mistakes will show others that you are serious about dating a single motorcycle rider on the site.